Project Update

Ambrose Indigenous Business Ltd in conjunction with national agency MI Associates, will deliver the NT Aboriginal Tourism Strategic Plan by early 2019. Engagement included more than 144 Aboriginal businesses.

The Territory is considered as the destination with the best Aboriginal cultural tourism experiences in Australia.

Aboriginal tourism is a pivotal component enabling an authentic cultural experience of the identified 144 Aboriginal experience businesses in the Territory over half (55%) are aboriginal owned and 49% are Aboriginal operated.

Insights into the strategy suggest the Territory needs a structured approach to enhancing Aboriginal tourism opportunities ongoing, which will require investment into:

  • developing unique experiences & product
  • leadership, knowing, knowledge & partnership
  • strong tourism & business capability
  • essential visitor & community asset
  • awareness, connection & marketing.

KPMG and MCBE Asia-Pacific will deliver the first long-term business events strategy for the Northern Territory by the end of 2018.

Development of a long-term strategic plan is critical to growing the value of the lucrative business event sector in the Northern Territory. The strategy will articulate a government and industry shared vision and framework for the sustainable economic growth of business events in the Northern Territory through to 2030 and provide the platform for actions which will ensure that the Northern Territory is competitively positioned in both the domestic and international business events marketplaces into the future.

Development of the plan involves broad industry, government and community consultation, whilst aligning with the Economic Development Framework and the broader tourism industry strategic plan.

The overall desired outcome is to attract a greater number of national and international business events to the Northern Territory.