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Tourism remains a priority sector as demonstrated through the Economic Development Framework. The sector supports more than 16,300 direct and indirect jobs, some 12 per cent of the total Northern Territory employment and contributes 9 per cent to our Gross State Product (GSP).

The initial Turbocharging Tourism investment enabled an important, strategic step to attract more holiday tourists and business event travellers to the Territory. The Turbo2 funding package allows us to leverage from this momentum.

Turbo2 is an additional $62.8 million extension of the turbocharging tourism initiative, over two financial years 2019-20 and 2020-21, to attract more visitors, which creates local jobs and delivers more money into the community.

Turbo2 – an extension of the Turbocharging Tourism initiative

As part of Budget 2019, the Northern Territory Government has announced an additional investment of $62.8 million over two financial years, 2019-20 – 2020-21, to support the local economy to grow its tourism potential.

This investment builds on the momentum being delivered through Turbocharging Tourism to attract more visitors, which creates local jobs and delivers more money into the community.

The package includes:

  • $27.7 million for marketing to increase holiday visitors
  • $15.1 million to enhance visitor experiences
  • $20 million to support festivals and events

The Turbocharging Tourism infrastructure programs will continue to rollout in 2019. You can view the infrastructure project updates online.

For more information, view Turbo2 or download the quick summary PDF (2.1 MB) PDF

Turbocharging Tourism 2017-18 to 2018-19 (Turbo1)

The Northern Territory Government released its initial Turbocharging Tourism initiative to attract more visitors, create more local jobs and put more money into the pockets of Territorians covering the 2017-18 and 2018-19 financial years.

The original Turbocharging Tourism initiative delivered an additional:

  • $26.57 million for smarter and more targeted tourism marketing, allowing us to better promote our attractions, roll out marketing campaigns with key airlines, target niche markets and lure lucrative business events here
  • $56.24 million for new tourism infrastructure and related tourism programs creating more memorable experiences for our visitors, particularly in our parks and reserves
  • $20.78 million to further enhance our existing festivals, events and other tourism experiences to cement the Territory’s reputation as a vibrant and exciting place to live, work and visit.

Whilst some of the programs continue to rollout in 2019, the infrastructure investments will continue to be delivered over the next 12 months. You can view the infrastructure project updates online.

View more information about the original Turbocharging Tourism package or download the original Action Plan Booklet (2.6 mb) PDF.